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VoiSee® is our answer to the needs of people with macular degeneration. VoiSee allows you to see the world around you more clearly and lead your life more independently without compromising on comfort and performance.
With its compact size and powerful functions, VoiSee is the perfect companion for on the go and at home.

Who are we?

VoiSee was developed in a collaboration between Reber Technik und Informatik and the HuCE-BMElab at Bern University of Applied Sciences. In numerous technical and scientific studies, our electronic visual aid has not only been continuously improved and brought up to the latest state of the art. We have also been able to prove the benefits and effectiveness of VoiSee in practical use in various different studies, including with the Inselspital Bern.

What VoiSee® users say

Good device, I am satisfied.
User, 87 years old
VoiSee helps me!
User, 60 years old
Very practical when shopping!
User, 85 years old
It makes various situations easier.
User, 60 years old
Important device, great!
User, 73 years old
It is super, light, practical and handy. The neck strap is great.
User, 73 years old


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