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Electronic visual aid for...

At home or in the store

Whether reading mail, medicine packaging or price tags, looking at photos or for helping your manicure, etc. - with VoiSee it's all easier.

Outside for recognizing and reading up close

Do you know this situation: You are standing in front of a blackboard but cannot recognize and read the writing? Simply take VoiSee© out of your pocket and hold it up to your eye. Thanks to the huge magnification and the still image function, you can read the text at your leisure. With the practical photo function, you can also view the image again later. Very useful for directions, for example.

Effortless reading even at a distance

Thanks to the modern camera and lens optics, you can easily read things that are further away, such as departure boards or bus stops.


Thanks to the flexible digital platform VoiSee is based on, we will soon be able to add more functions.

Coming soon: Stationary reading function

An ergonomic and easy-to-use holder with connection to the TV gives you the full functionality of a conventional stationary reader. You plug VoiSee into this holder and place your favourite magazine underneath. This allows you to read via your television.

Coming soon: Read aloud function

VoiSee VoiSee© recognizes text and reads it aloud via connected headphones.

Experience the new freedom with VoiSee !

With VoiSee© you can feel independent and manage your everyday life more easily, whether it's shopping in the supermarket or checking departure times at railway stations. Live more independently again and discover how VoiSee© improves your quality of life.


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New mobility through better vision!

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