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What makes VoiSee© unique?

Compact and portable

With its slim design, VoiSee© fits easily into your handbag or pocket, so you always have it with you when you need it. Conversely, the device quickly goes back into your pocket as soon as you no longer need it, so you don't stand out in everyday life.

VoiSee© was developed specifically for the needs of people with AMD. Our aim is to give you back the greatest possible degree of independence and mobility in everyday life. Our electronic visual aid is therefore particularly characterized by the following features:

Large image impression

VoiSee offers impressive, customizable magnification that allows you to read text, signs and labels even if you are severely visually impaired. Thanks to the large field of view you get information from the periphery without constantly changing the position of the device.

Freeze frame navigation

Our innovative image navigation enables intuitive and extremely simple selection of the image section being viewed. This is done by moving the head in the still image.

Head sensor

If the device is removed from the head, it automatically stops navigation and saves the last image section. This allows the users to continue directly from where they stopped.

Experience the new freedom with VoiSee !

With VoiSee© you can feel independent and manage your everyday life more easily, whether it's shopping in the supermarket or checking departure times at train stations. Live more independently again and discover how VoiSee© improves your quality of life.

Supported by VoiSee

Difficult to read

For example, although the outline of the clock is visible here, the time cannot be read.

Greatly enlarged

The high magnification of VoiSee® allows much more to be seen, so that the information can be read by those affected.

Image filtering

Individual image processing can be configured for each user. It has been shown that AMD patients can significantly improve their vision.


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